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Policy Events

Science and the General Election, 11 March 2015

clarkThis pre-election debate brought together representatives from Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP, Plaid Cymru and UKIP, and was chaired by the BBC science correspondent Pallab Ghosh. Party representatives debated the role and provision for science in the next election, and answered questions from the community on immigration policy, tuition fees and funding for research. Watch the debate on YouTube, and find out more on our news story, event Storify and on our election policy pages.


Policy Lates, 20 November 2014

Dodging-a-Biological-BulletHow can we balance the benefits of carrying out research into infectious pathogens or other biological agents with the potential costs of misuse? Despite the potentially global reach of research and terrorism, different countries have different approaches to dual-use research and biosecurity policy. Is international consensus on this issue likely? Will we be able to dodge potential 'biological bullets' before it's too late? Our international panel presented the biosecurity policy in the US and Europe. For more details about the event, read our news story and visit Policy Lates.


Parliamentary Links Day, 24 June 2014


Science and Public Trust was the theme of Parliamentary Links Day 2014. This year speakers explored the importance of effectively engaging UK citizens with science and policy. Further details about the event are on our news story.


Policy Lates, 1 April 2014


The precautionary principle is often described as a “better safe than sorry” approach when an action is suspected as being harmful to humans or the environment, and the scientific evidence for safety is uncertain. Striking a balance between protecting people and the planet while maximising beneficial scientific and economic output isn’t easy, nor is communicating these issues. The precautionary principle is supposed to help – how can we ensure that it does?
For more information visit Policy Lates.

Policy Lates 2013

Algae Pic website

Algal Biofuels: Full bloom or dead in the water?

At first glance, algal biofuels seem to be the answer to our impending energy crisis - renewable, 'clean', and with no competition for agricultural land. But with technological hurdles to overcome and EU renewable energy targets looming, will the UK algae biofuel industry bloom or stagnate?
For more information visit Policy Lates.


Policy Lates 2013


We ask how to make sure that society benefits from advances in biological research whilst minimizing the risk of misuse. Professor Malcolm Dando FSB chairs the debate between influenza virologist Professor Wendy Barclay, journalist and 'garage scientist' Daniel Grushkin, bioweapons policy consultant Dr Catherine Jefferson, and deputy head of the UN Biological Weapons Convention Implementation Support Unit Dr Piers Millet MSB. For more information, please see our Policy Lates pages.


Parliamentary Links Day 2013

links 2

The 2013 Parliamentary Links Day focused on the theme of Diversity in Science, Technology Engineering and Maths, and explored the under-representation of women, people with disabilities and minority ethnic groups at various stages of the STEM pipeline. Links Day is largest science event on the annual Parliamentary events calendar, and is organised by the Society of Biology on behalf of the science and technology community. Read our news story or view the event Storify.


SET for Britain 2013

Stephen Metcaffe MP Chloe Smith MP and Amy McDougall

The SET for BRITAIN competition is designed to support and promote British scientists, engineers and technologists in the early stages of their careers. Many will become Britain's leaders in science and technology, and their work is vital for our economy.




 Policy Lates 2012

policy lates Nov 2012

The first in our Policy Lates series, this debate asked whether there should be more scientists in Parliament. Chi Onwurah MP chaired the debate between Dr Jenny Rohn, Dr Evan Harris, Dr Jack Stilgoe and Dr Phillip Lee MP. For more information see our Policy Lates page.

Parliamentary Links Day 2012

LINKS 2012

The Society of Biology organised Parliamentary Links Day 2012 on behalf of the scientific community to strengthen dialogue with Parliament, and to provide MPs with a more rounded understanding of the scientific issues we face. This is an annual event that takes place at Westminster, bringing together scientists, learned societies and Members of Parliament. The 2012 theme was 'Science and Sport'.


Research Evaluation - Whose Impact is it Anyway? June 2012

The Society of Biology and the British Library collaborated to host a TalkScience Event on the inclusion of the 'impact' of scientific research as an element of evaluation for the new Research Excellence Framework.

This panel discussion was chaired by William Cullerne Bown (Founder and Publisher of Research Fortnight) with: Professor Douglas Kell (Chief Executive of the BBSRC), Professor Nick Tyler CBE (Head of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, UCL), Professor Geraint Rees (Director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL) and Chris Hale (Deputy Director of Policy at Universities UK).

More information is available on the British LibraryTalkScience series.


Voice of Young Science 2012

The Society of Biology hosted a 'Standing up for Science' media workshop in collaboration with Sense About Science. The workshop was attended by 40 early career researchers, who hear from a panel of scientists who have communicated their science through the media, and learn from journalists about how they approach reporting. Dr Gia Arradottir from Rothamsted Research shared her most recent media experience following her and her colleagues' appeal to protesters to not destroy their GM wheat field trial. She was joined on the panel by Professor Malcolm Sperrin and Dr Deirdre Hollingsworth.

Podcast from Dr Rebecca Nesbit, press officer at the Society of Biology. She interviewed panellists to hear their tips on how to get your stories into the news, and how to prepare for interviews with journalists. The speakers included scientists, journalists and press officers, and they were all keen to work together to ensure science is reported accurately and reaches a wide audience. Listen to hear their views!

More about the Sense About Science workshops.


Workshop for Economists and Ecologists: Forging interdisciplinary links to inform public policy, May 2012

The Natural Capital Initiative organised a workshop to encourage greater interdisciplinary working and knowledge exchange between economists and ecologists, with the goal of informing public policy. The chosen case study theme was sustainable agriculture.

The workshop was chaired by Peter Costigan (Defra), keynote speakers were Professor Ian Bateman (CSERGE, University of East Anglia) and Professor William Sutherland (Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge). Professor Tim Benton (University of Leeds), Dr Salvatore Di Falco (London School of Economics), Professor Charles Godfray (University of Oxford) and Dr Paul Morling (Royal Society for Protection of Birds) were panellists in debate around the most pressing issues for agriculture in the UK.

More information on the Natural Capital Initiative.

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