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The ASE Annual Conference, the leading science education CPD event of the year, is open to everyone with an interest in science education. It attracts over 3,000 science educators from all phases of science education who can choose from over 400 talks, workshops, seminars and booked courses over four inspiring days.

The Nucleus Group, a group of learned societies and similar not for profit organisations which includes the Society of Biology, hosts a series of talks each year entitled, Biology in the Real World. Follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #BitRW

The 2015 Biology in the Real World lectures (organised by NUCLEUS)


Biology in the Real World: Voyage of Discovery

  • Osteoporosis:  The final Frontier (Dr Adrian Moore, University College Birmingham)
  • Growing cells in a new dimension (Professor Stefan Przyborski, Durham University)
  • Space Flight:  A model of human ageing (Professor Stephen Harridge, King’s College London)
  • Life on Mars:  the past and the possibilities (Dr Louisa Preston, University of Cambridge)
  • Beloved Barnacles: Learning from Darwin’s Collections (Miranda Lowe, Natural History Museum)
  • Life in Town:  Adapting to city life (Linda Birkin, University of Sussex)

Teachers can visit the Biology Stand (BS14) for a wide range of free biology resources, practicals and more to enhance your lessons.

Past Presentations - 2014

In 2014 the talks focused on 'Biology in the Real World: Powering Life'

  • Mighty Mitochondria (Dr Daniel Tennant, University of Birmingham)
  • Waste into Energy (Dr Angela Murray, University of Birmingham)
  • Metabolism and Energy Balance (Professor Julian Hamilton, University of Bristol)
  • Natural selection as the power house of diversity: adaptation of form and behaviour to the environment (Dr Susannah KS Thorpe, University of Birmingham)
  • Life without Light (Dr Rich Boden, Plymouth University)
  • Drug Development: the unexpected role of plants (Dr Alison Foster, University of Oxford)
  • Plants and Pressure (Dr Jeremy Prichard, University of Birmingham)


This years talks focused on 'Biology in the Real World: Brilliant Breakthroughs.' Below are PowerPoints presentations from the event and short films are available on the BBSRC website.


In 2012, in recognition of the Olympics taking place in the UK, the series of talks for Biology in the Real World were on 'A Sporting Chance'. PowerPoints of the presentations are available below.

The lecture series was sponsored by the Society of Biology, ABPI, the Wellcome Trust, Society for Endocrinology, BBSRC, British Society for Immunology, SGM, MiSAC, Biochemical Society, The Physiological Society, BPS, ASAB, BES, The Linnean Society, Kew Gardens, SEB and Science and Plants for Schools.

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