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Dr Gail Davies developed these genetic resources with the aim of improving knowledge and understanding of human genetics within schools. They are designed to build confidence and enthusiasm in a fast moving growing area of science. They are intended to stimulate interest, encouraging future generations to become doctors, nurses, technicians and scientists. Consequently, they are designed not only to support the curriculum with many topics complimenting "How science works" but also to go beyond and stimulate a life long interest in genetics by putting it into the context of everyday life.

These materials have been piloted in schools, ranging from KS2 up to sixth form, before being revised and presented here. They are divided into Introductory Genetics, which includes basic genetic information mostly in the form of games and Essential Genetics, which is much more in depth and taking specific areas of genetics popular today.

Introductory Genetics

There is a range of resources availabile for introductory genetics. Including: Geneticons: The alien population game, the game that allows your pupils to populate the alien planet Geneticus with their own starter population of Geneticons, allow them to have babies and then as things get a little overcrowded in Genesville migrate them to pastures new and see how they are suited to their new surroundings.

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